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New blog software

the java based blog sofware jblog was in use quite some time now and I thought it is in need of some additional love


category: global --> Computer --> programming --> Java

tags: Java - programming - JBlog

creator Stephan Bösebeck 2023-08-28

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tesla model y as company car

Leasing of the Model3 is running out, the current leasing company would almost double the leasing costs...


category: global --> E-Mobility

tags: company car - Tesla - e-mobility

creator Stephan Bösebeck 2022-08-04

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IOS / Mac Mail Clients

this is my take on a best of list. This is the list of the best email clients for iOS and MacOS - at least, what I consider best 😉


category: global --> Computer

tags: IT security - email

creator Stephan Bösebeck 2022-05-07

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Living tranparency in the company

In my professional life, I have already experienced many situations where one could have achieved much more with a little more transparency or, to put it bluntly, honesty. Of course, everything has its limits, but nevertheless, I am a f...


category: global

tags: management

creator Stephan Bösebeck 2019-07-31

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Tesla as a company car

I was self-employed for a long time and drove a lot of good and new cars. All were leased and all were new. I will create a blog post with a list, was also an exciting journey.


category: global --> E-Mobility --> Tesla

tags: Tesla - e-mobility - Tesla Model 3

creator Stephan Bösebeck 2019-07-04

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